I’m a Melbourne-based writer and marketing professional who’s been swapping sleep for side hustles since ’92.

My most recent venture is The Story Symphony, an eight-part audio drama podcast with each chapter written by an entirely different person. The audience has no idea what’s going to happen next – and neither do the writers.

I am also the founder of Centrethought, a platform for young people to deconstruct the important issues facing the world in their own words. Since our establishment, we have published hundreds of articles and received accreditation from the National Library of Australia.

My writing has been featureded in a wide variety of different publications – see my portfolio here.

If I’m not busy putting scribbling away, you can find me producing music and video content. I have appeared in the television shows Phrankurtville and The Interview Artist, as well as in some sketches produced by the comedy group Rusty Fragment.

Enjoy my work, and please don’t hesitate to contact me.